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Ways to party with the “Captain” to make your Wedding or Event an even “Tastier” one...

Have The Captain Kettle Corn Trailer pop FRESH at your event
Freshly made Popcorn and Kettle Corn served out of our self-contained trailer.
Small bags of the tasty treats! Awesome smells!
• Great for guests waiting before your event (Shuttle stops etc.)
• Before the meal, while your guests are waiting.
• Late night snack to reward those who stayed the long haul with you to dance and
   socialize (Not Twitter or FaceBook style!)

Purchase pre-bagged Kettle or Popcorn from the Captain.
Make arrangements to pickup from us or have us deliver (for a small additional fee).

Setup a “Popcorn Bar, Buffet or Station”
As a Hors d'oeuvre before your ceremony or during a open bar time.
As a late event snack for the guests who have stayed to dance and socialize later at the event.
• Use one or more Popcorn or Kettle corn flavors setup up on a table or with a        “Popcorn Bar Tender” or “Self Service” using some bowls with scoops for guests to    use and small paper popcorn bags for them to put it in. Be sure to integrate your     event colors and or theme. 

(Clockwise from the top left; Blue Raspberry, Classic Kettle, Chocolate, Strawberry then Caramel at the lower left)  

The above self-service buffet was a huge hit, not only with the kids, but with adults too!

Party Favors
Use some type of food grade plastic bag or container where it will get exposed
to less air. See “Tips” below. Tie a ribbon around the top. Add stickers. Again,
be sure to integrate your colors or theme.
• Place at each table setting
• Hand out at the end to each guest as a thank you for coming to your event.

 Kettle Corn (The slightly sweet / slightly salty Classic Kettle Corn is the most popular    of our flavors)
• Popcorn (For those would want something savory)
• Strawberry (Beautiful shades of red & pink)*
• Blue Raspberry (Stunning light and dark teal blue)*
• Chocolate (Light and dark coco puff tasting delight)*
• Caramel (Yummy browns for your guests tummies!*
  *Blends of these can be made and confetti for larger orders

Always try to keep Popcorn and Kettle Corn in airtight containers or packages.
Air is the enemy of Popcorn. Air could make popcorn get soggy and certainly
stale. The more you can keep it away from air, the fresher it will stay and taste.

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We look forward to helping you make your party or event...a tastier one! 

Captain Kettle Corn

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